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February Scheduled Shows Date: Feb 7th @ 8:25am EST
Hello my dear ones,

I have something special and full of love planned for this month! I want to show you my love and I am thinking you could show me yours.

I feel like competing in this 6-day Valentine's Day promo on the site and I'd love to collect as much hearts as I can.

Don't worry, you'll get your share, too ;)

So, this is my program for the shows in the next few days, I wanna see you there:

Friday, 9 February - 10PM- 12 AM EST
Saturday, 10 February - 8 PM- 10 PM EST
Sunday, 11 February - 12 PM-2 PM EST
Monday, 12 February - 9 PM-11 PM EST
Tuesday, 13 February - 12 PM-2 PM EST

Let's get through this promo together, there will be many prizes to give away. For example, top three givers during the promo will get a special prize. Also, there will be a lot of prizes in the show.

Come and let's collect some hearts and show to everybody why my team is the best!
Invitation to my Fan Club Date: Jan 23rd @ 8:30am EST
Hello guys!

I am so excited to tell you that my fan club is up and running. There are many new photos and I will make sure I update it regularly so you can enjoy everything I have to offer and see more of me.

I officially want to invite you to join my fan club. You will have access to exclusive photos, videos and blogs. You can access it on

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making all of this content for you.

My Perfect Date Date: Jan 17th @ 6:54am EST
Places I'd like to... be spoiled at Date: Jan 16th @ 7:32am EST
Things I love Date: Jan 13th @ 5:58am EST
New Year's Eve Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 28th @ 10:58am EST
Hello my dear ones,

Can you hear the clock tick? New year is so close and I want to invite you to spend it with me and the Flirt Babes! It's the hottest party you can wish for. Besides, once you're with us, you won't be needing a wish at all!

Sounds exciting? I think so, too.

Join us on 31 December at 11 PM EST and let's welcome the new year together!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 22nd @ 6:54am EST
Hello guys!

Christmas is almost here and there is one more Xmas daily raffle to do! Make sure you bought your ticket so you can participate and win prizes!

In the meantime, let's see who were my winners for the last days. There is Millsser who got drawn twice! This means two times flirt phone offer and 7 minutes of private show with me. I also have bassman1113 who got the same prize.

Congrats guys!

Join us for our Xmas Party on 23 December at 7 PM EST and find out who is the winner of a big Xmas promo! Biggest prizes so far to be given away by models. You can still compete!

Good luck!
Xmas Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 20th @ 8:18am EST
Hello guys!

Christmas is coming and the Flirt Babes are having our annual Xmas Party. It sounds perfect, I know. We have a lot of it planned, only for you!

You know we are the masters of fun and we have prepared good music, a lot of dancing, drinking, new games that you will enjoy and, of course, prizes!

Xmas Party is also when we announce the winners of our big Xmas promo! So amazing, right? Biggest prizes yet to be given by models. And guess what? There is still time to compete for them!

Join us on Saturday, 23 December at 7 PM EST and experience the Xmas spirit. You know you won't regret it! We will be waiting for you!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 16th @ 8:00am EST
Hello guys!

We had quite a raffle last night. Let's take a look who my winners are: We have Millsser who got 7 minutes private show with me. Next, dam with 7 minutes of private show and access to fan club. The last is Nikki_Secret who won 7 minutes private show with me.

Congrats guys!

Don't forget to buy tickets for the next random draws since we only have 5 left. It takes place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST.

Oh, and be free to check our big Xmas promo. We announce the winners at our Xmas Party.

Good luck!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 15th @ 7:27am EST
Hello guys!

Don't worry, I didn't forget you. My Wednesday's winner for the Xmas Daily Raffle was Millsser who got one month free access to my fan club.


This is a nice prize because I am also updating my fan club for you! There will be some naughty, sexy content. And I hope you will like it.

Also, don't forget to buy your ticket for the raffle. Random draws take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST.

Good luck!
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