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Come Party with Me Date: Oct 24th @ 10:40am EDT
Heeey guys,

I am so exciting to see you all in my next show. I hope you feel the same way. My we-vibe is on. I know you adore it. Just listen to it and it will show you the way ;)

You already know I know how to party. So, don't be shy. I am waiting for you on Saturday, 28 October at 8 PM EST.

Can't wait to party with you. Don't miss me. Hugs xx
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 7:03am EDT
Hello guys,

I can't wait to dress up for Halloween. You know I love it very much. So, naturally, we, Flirt Babes, wanted to throw a party in the honor of all the sexy Halloween costumes.

Shall I continue? :)

As usual, we will dance and play games but the theme will be Halloween. It's October, after all. We promise we won't scare you... too much ;)

If you decide you want to join us make this party unforgettable, you should be there on Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. We are waiting for you. Hugs guys!
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 7:00am EDT
Hey guys,

Have you ever wondered what would Nikki dress up as if she had a chance? Well, you can find that out this Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. At the Halloween Party by Flirt Babes.

Sounds interesting? You should see our costumes :)

We won't try to scare you, too much. But we will sure make your hear rate go up :) Be there!
Vibe My Heart Date: Oct 14th @ 7:39am EDT

A new party with my favorite toy, we-vibe is just around the corner. I have a nice blue heart to help me too. Tip me and it will turn red, the bigger the tip the harder my heart will vibe. Are you curious?

Show me your love and make my heart vibe on Saturday, 21 October at 8 PM EST. Kisses.
We-Vibe Party Date: Oct 11th @ 7:29am EDT
Hello guys,

Nikki is here and I want to use my favorite toy to make a fabulous party. Are you in?
I am waiting for you Saturday 14 October at 6 PM EST. Let's have some fun with we-vibe. I would love you to take control of it and me. Kisses.
Flirt Babes Party Invitation Date: Oct 9th @ 9:46am EDT

We have a lot going on this month. First I would like to invite you to our party.

It’s October, the temperature outside is getting low but in the Live Cams Mansion, we are rising it up. You already know we like to party and know how to please a man.
You might notice it’s being crowded in the Mansion last few days. We want to use this as an opportunity to present you some of our new girls. Let’s show you what they can do. Of course, the babes you are used to are also attending. Curious yet?
We will play games, dance, drink and we would absolutely love if you could make it. Let’s have fun together and see what this new crowd can do. Don’t forget to save the date and join us in the first autumn show this year. Can’t wait to greet you all. We are waiting for you this Friday at 4 PM EST.

August in Live Cams Mansion Date: Aug 15th @ 1:01pm EDT

I am very excited to tell you about what the month of August brings to Live Cams Mansion. As WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU, we have prepared lots of surprises for you! We have a new interesting feature, we have a new host and we have prepared one week of activities to keep everything going!

First of all, I would like to remind you that VIP members can access Live Cams Mansion for FREE and Premium and Basic members can gain 24 hours access for only 25 credits! Don’t miss your daily dose of fun with us, the sexy Flirt Babes!
Join me and the other Flirt Babes in Live Cams Mansion from the 14th until the 20th of August and you can support your favorite babe during the games to win and gather points in order to win a great prize! It’s all about spying, so join us and find out the rules of the games! Don’t miss the games that we are going to play!

Join us in the following shows:
Tuesday, the 15th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Wednesday, the 16th of August between 1PM â€" 3PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Thursday, the 17th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Friday, the 18th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Saturday, the 19th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion
Sunday, the 20th of August between 2PM â€" 4PM â€" Special Event with Live Cams Mansion

NEW HOST in Live Cams Mansion!
You may have noticed by now BELLE BIJOU, our NEW HOST at the parties and NEW promoter of the Flirt Babes! Meet her in person on the 18th of August, starting at 8PM EST at the Vibe My Heart Party by Flirt Babes! You can also see another perspective of the party on SNAPCHAT, so don’t forget to add flirt_babes! See you there!
Also, a NEW FEATURE will be available at this special party and it will show you my heartbeat when We-Vibe vibrates! So, don’t miss my single “Vibe My Heart” parties on:
Saturday, on the 19th of August starting at 10 PM EST;
Friday, on the 25th of August starting at 10 PM EST;
Thursday, the 31st of August starting at 10 PM EST.

If you’re not a VIP member yet, here’s another reason to become one: I will have one special Feature Show that is available and FREE only for VIP members! Join me on the 27th of August starting at 12 AM EST for one hour in a special show!

You can stay tuned for more parties by following @LiveCamsMansion and @Flirt_Babes on Twitter and flirt_babes on Instagram! Add flirt_babes on Snapchat also! Don’t forget to add me to your favorites & turn on your email notification!

See you in Live Cams Mansion!
Independence Day Pool Party Date: Jul 1st @ 10:58am EDT
Hello everyone,

I am very happy to give you the big news!

NOW you can spy on me in Live Cams Mansion even when I'm enjoying a swim at the pool or relaxing in the jacuzzi. Yes, you've got it! Cameras were added in the yard so you can spend more fun time with us!
Also, we want to inaugurate this awesome addition on the 4th of July at the Independence Day Pool Party! You are not allowed to miss it ;) so join me and the other Flirt Babes on the 4th of July starting at 10 AM EST at the craziest pool party you've been waiting for all year! See you there (K)

Happy 4th of July and don't forget to bring your swimming suit! (K)
Big Bang Discount with me at Live Cams Mansion Date: Jun 28th @ 3:16pm EDT

I am very excited about the Big Bang Discount so let’s have fun and celebrate together at Flirt4Free from the 30th on June until the 4th of July! I will give away prizes for my Top 3 fireworks players of these days! Be sure you’re on the list because the prizes are as follow:

1st place: 30 minutes private + 30 days Fan Club Access
2nd place: 15 minutes private + 15 days Fan Club Access
3rd place: 10 minutes private + 10 days Fan Club Access

Happy 4th of July! Good luck to everyone and see you at the BIG BANG!

Disco Party by Flirt Babes Date: Jun 12th @ 5:06pm EDT
Hey everyone,

I am very excited to invite you to join me and the Flirt Babes at our Disco Party! Meet us in the Live Cams Mansion on the 16th of June starting at 4pm EST and let’s remember the “good old days” together! Let’s play together the naughtiest games and let’s have fun!

See you there! (K)
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