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First Daily Raffle Winner Date: Dec 7th @ 8:40am EST
Hello guys!

Yesterday was the first random draw for the daily raffle and my winner was Nikki_Ham! Congrats dear! You won 25 minutes private show with me.

The next random draw will be today at 5 PM EST and you can buy your tickets in my room. If you buy more, you have more chances to win.

Raffles take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST.

Of course, don't forget about our Xmas promo!

Good luck!
My Birthday Party Date: Dec 5th @ 7:01am EST
Hey guys!

It's my birthday!!! WoooHooo! I can't wait to celebrate it properly, with you!

That is why, I decided to make a birthday party and guess what? Everyone's invited! So, don't be shy and join me.

My party will take place on Wednesday, 6 December at 9 PM EST! I really, really want you to come.

You know I am a go-to-girl when you need some fun! So, I expect you to come and make my day. You already know I will make yours!

Come and join me. Try to spoil a spoiled babe! I will be waiting!

Can't wait to have you all!
Xmas Daily Raffle is on! Date: Dec 5th @ 6:45am EST
Hello guys,

Who wants some good news?

We are officially launching our Xmas Daily Raffle today, 5 December! And I am so excited to tell you about it. It makes part of our big Xmas promo and it's very special.

This is what you need to do:

So, basically, what do you have to do? You need to come to my room, or your other favorite babe who happens to be a part of this Xmas promo, which are Lorenna Love, Kendra Blu, Laurette DeVille and Bonie Blue. Next, you need to buy a ticket, let's call it that, for that day in a normal session. We will place all tickets in a very special Raffle bowl and later in the day (5 PM EST) we will gather in order to see who wins the prizes!

How does this sound? I think pretty good for a Daily Raffle. Just imagine, you can have the chance to win everyday! Also, you can buy multiple tickets if you'd like.

Be sure you have bought your ticket for today's random draw. It will take place today at 5 PM EST.

Let's Raffle!
Xmas Promo Launched! Date: Dec 1st @ 11:56am EST
We have launched our Xmas Promo yesterday and I really want to tell you more about it. In case you missed the launch yesterday, keep reading:

You will have the chance to compete for one of the top five highest spenders. If you are one of top five highest spenders for Laurette DeVille, Lorenna Love, Kendra Blu, Bonie Blue or me by the end of the month, you will get amazing prizes. 5th place gets a special offer for the flirt phone- 10 cr/min. 4th place gets 2 hours private show with the respective babe. 3rd place gets a 15 % discount for credit purchase, which you can use only once. 2nd place gets a 25 % discount for credit purchase while the 1st place gets a 50 % discount for credit purchase. Of course, all the discounts can be used only once.

Why is this so interesting? Because we have chosen five Christmas globe decorations to represent these five prizes! There will be a Christmas Tree in every girl's room and you can see the five highest spenders' names on them. This will be updated daily!

We will announce winners at our Christmas Party on 23rd December.

Also, we will have daily raffles to keep you interested in the meanwhile! All you have to do to participate is buy a ticket in a session from your babe. We will have a random draw at our daily Flirt Babes one-hour show and announce the winners right on the spot.

Anybody can win!

I can't wait to see who the winners will be!

Happy December everyone!
Thanksgiving Party Date: Nov 21st @ 8:08am EST
Hello guys,

I am back just in time for Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays so far ;)

Why is this Thanksgiving special? Well... Let me tell you.

It is special because we are working so hard to give you the best show and demonstrate how thankful we are to have you spoil us. We thought of many new games so you never get bored and you get the Thanksgiving experience you deserve. Also, we did not forget about the prizes. We always give away something nice for you!

Sounds good so far? Do come and find out the rest! Join us on Thursday, 25 November at 7 PM EST and let's celebrate this Thanksgiving together! It will be a party you will want to repeat!
Night Out with Nikki, Summer and Bonie Date: Nov 18th @ 7:37am EST
Hello guys,

I need to celebrate my comeback from vacation with a nice night out with my girls. Summer, Bonie and me will have a small party so we can have some fun together. And you are invited! We know you want to come! ;)

Join us this Wednesday, 22 November at 3 PM EST! It will be so much fun.

Have you ever dreamed about a night out with your favorite girls? Or maybe what girls do on their night outs? Now you have the chance to find all that out and experience it together with us!

You already know we like to party, that means a lot of drink included. So, don't be shy. Come and party with us!
When it's Fun Time, it's Nikki Time Date: Nov 1st @ 9:51am EDT
Hello guys,

I am so excited to spend some more time with you in my next scheduled show.
You know I am the girl you go to when you want to have fun. So why wait? I am here to make your day better, of course.
I like to have fun and I am so happy I have opportunity to share it with you daily. So, let's go! Come and join me Saturday, 4 November at 8 PM EST and let me offer you the best moments.
Nobody parties like me! And you know it! You are welcome! Let's do it! XX
Come Party with Me Date: Oct 24th @ 10:40am EDT
Heeey guys,

I am so exciting to see you all in my next show. I hope you feel the same way. My we-vibe is on. I know you adore it. Just listen to it and it will show you the way ;)

You already know I know how to party. So, don't be shy. I am waiting for you on Saturday, 28 October at 8 PM EST.

Can't wait to party with you. Don't miss me. Hugs xx
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 7:03am EDT
Hello guys,

I can't wait to dress up for Halloween. You know I love it very much. So, naturally, we, Flirt Babes, wanted to throw a party in the honor of all the sexy Halloween costumes.

Shall I continue? :)

As usual, we will dance and play games but the theme will be Halloween. It's October, after all. We promise we won't scare you... too much ;)

If you decide you want to join us make this party unforgettable, you should be there on Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. We are waiting for you. Hugs guys!
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 7:00am EDT
Hey guys,

Have you ever wondered what would Nikki dress up as if she had a chance? Well, you can find that out this Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. At the Halloween Party by Flirt Babes.

Sounds interesting? You should see our costumes :)

We won't try to scare you, too much. But we will sure make your hear rate go up :) Be there!
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