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First Place on FOTY Date: Jan 4th @ 10:13am EST
Hello my friends!

First of all... Happy New Year!

Second of all... Thank you for giving me everything this year! Thank you for making me take the first place and for taking the FOTY title! I am so grateful to have friends such as you. You make me better and I just love my team! And, guess what? We made it! It was hard during these three months but it was so worth it. Thank you for giving me the chance to feel how it is to be number one! I hope to have more fun times like these with you!

Christmas Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 19th @ 9:18am EST
Hello guys,

We can all feel the Christmas spirit and we thought to spread it everywhere! That's why, we're having a Christmas at Live Cams Mansion to celebrate this holiday and enjoy ourselves. We were super nice this year, and we deserve it ;)

The party will take place on 22nd December at 3 PM EST and it will be as joyful as it gets. We have good music, a lot of drinks, fun games and many, many Christmas decorations. It's everything you need. So are you in? Save the date and I'll see you there.

Oh... and remember to keep voting!

That can be my Christmas gift this year ;)
Halloween Zombieland Party by Flirt Babes Date: Oct 29th @ 1:26pm EDT
Hello guys,

The Halloween is getting closer and I can't wait to show you my sexy mask.

I know everyone likes zombies and this year, I will transform into one! Spooky, right? Well, don't worry... The worst that can happen is for me to bite you... It might be fun.

Join me and the other Flirt Babes on 31st October at 4 PM EST and take your first row seat for the new dimension of parties and fun!
FOTY has started! Date: Sep 30th @ 11:50pm EDT
Hello everyone!

The Flirt Of The Year has started and I am so excited! I know this is a hard task but I really want to see myself up there. Of course, I’d be nothing without you so I need you by my side right now, too. We have busy three months ahead of us but I am sure we will be a part of the winning team!

I have many surprises for you but I need you to be active on the votes and supervotes cause they are really important for me! Stay tuned for interesting things and our FOTY Challenge by Flirt Babes also!

We are going to get to the top together, I feel it!

Thank you for being with me in this! Let’s start voting! We can do it!
Topless Soccer World Cup Final with Flirt Babes Date: Jul 14th @ 8:47am EDT
Hello my dear ones,

The World Cup Final is tomorrow and I invite you all to join me and the other Flirt Babes for a topless soccer game you will not forget so easily.

Join us tomorrow, Sunday, 15 July at 11 AM EST and cheer with us! It's going to be fun!
Nikki's mini Date: Jul 3rd @ 6:20am EDT
Hello everyone!
We have an announcement for you. Our Spoiled Babe Nikki Crystal is competing for a spot in the greatest contest on site- Flirt Island and she needs you to help her out with that.
Every time you visit her room or give her a nice tip, a mini Nikki will pop on your screen to make your day a better one. She can be very persuasive ;) And she is the wildest cheerleader you have ever seen. So, don't be shy and visit Nikki in her room. We're sure she'll know how to pay you back!
She doesn't have a lot of time so it's better to get the party started. Nikki sure knows how to make you feel good. And if you make her feel good, the possibilities are limitless!
Enjoy a free 24-hour access to Live Cams Mansion and celebrate 4th of July with the Flirt Babes Date: Jul 3rd @ 5:48am EDT
4th of July â€" Not only the Independence Day of America, but also the Opening Day of Live Cams Mansion!
The doors of Live Cams Mansion will be open for 24 hours, right after the clock will beat, announcing that it is midnight and we, the Flirt Babes will be ready to sing “Happy Birthday America” while we will be partying all day and all night as we love to do!
So make sure you will join me and the other Flirt Babes, and be part of this special day we're preparing for you. There’s no time for sleeping, we've got some fun activities to do, like cooking, dancing, playing some cool games, drinking and, for sure, screaming of pleasure! You don't wanna miss that, will u?
Remember, every single person will be able and free to enter Live Cams Mansion, so let's break the records and see for how long can we party together, until our last pound of energy is gone.
Cinco De Mayo individual shows program Date: May 2nd @ 7:43am EDT
Hello my dear ones,

The time for FIesta has come and I am ready to get into party mood. For that, I will need some shots and what better way than to collect them this Cinco de Mayo.

As a gift, I have prepared some shows for you. Make sure you bring a shot and are ready to enjoy the good time with me.

This is my program for Cinco de Mayo:

Thursday, 3 May:
10 PM EST- Nikki Crystal

Friday, 4 May:
7 PM EST- Nikki Crystal

Saturday, 5 May:
8 PM EST- Nikki Crystal

Can't wait to see you there!

But remember you can give me shots even in normal session. We can make our own party!
Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes Date: Mar 10th @ 8:29am EST
Hello my dear ones,

Can't wait to invite you to our Saint Patrick's Day Party. Me and the other Flirt Babes have something special for you.

Let us be your lucky charms and join us this Tuesday, 13 March at 4 PM EST for this special celebration.

There is no party like Flirt Babes party and you know that!

Don't forget that after the party we start individual shows and shamrocks are going to be collected. Get ready and let mini Nikki spoil you in return.

Be there!

March Shows Date: Mar 2nd @ 8:22am EST
Hello my dear ones,

March is here and I never disappoint. I have something special prepared for you, so let me tell you what it is!

Firstly, on 13 March we will have a Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes at 4 PM EST.

The promo period will start on 14 March, so I have arranged for my shows to be ready.

This is how my program looks:

Wednesday, 14 March at 2 AM EST

Thursday, 15 March at 11 PM EST

Friday, 16 March at 3 PM EST

Saturday, 17 March at 11 PM EST

We are collecting shamrocks, just so you know and I can't wait to see how many are we going to have at the end. I hope the number is high!

Our Easter Party is on 28 March at 4 PM EST and the promo period starts on 29 March. Let's go egg hunting on my shows. We need as many as possible!

We can do it on:

Thursday, 29 March at 1 AM EST

Friday, 30 March at 10 PM EST

Saturday, 31 March at 2 PM EST

Sunday, 1 April at 10 PM EST

Don't forget to participate!
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